2011 Women’s World Cup

July….Over here at Austin.Cadence July stands for one thing…The Tour de France. It’s action, nervousness, and excitement clench onto to us with the strength of a giant. We happily allow ourselves to be consumed by this 3 week tour through France(as well as neighboring countries).

Somewhere between the mountain passes and refills on fresh coffee we find time to open the blinds and see what else the world has on offer.

The 2011 FIFA Women’s World Cup has been playing out in neighboring Germany and boy has it been a doozy! Today the women of Sweden came back with an 82nd minute goal to secure their 3rd Place in this World Cup over France.

Tomorrow the United States of America will play the ladies of Japan for the top honor. Not only is this event a giant leap for Women’s soccer here in the United States but the whole world. Match time is set at 1pm. In other words…watch the end of week two of Le Tour….go for a ride…grab some food…watch the World Cup!!

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